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The Mecanum wheels are a design for a wheel that can move a vehicle in any direction. It is a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. These rollers typically each have an axis of rotation at 45° to the plane of the wheel and at 45° to a line through the center of the roller parallel to the axis of rotation of the wheel. A typical configuration is the four-wheeled one of the URANUS Omni-directional mobile robot or a wheelchair with Mecanum wheels. By alternating wheels with left and right-handed rollers, in such a way that each wheel applies force roughly at right angles to the wheelbase diagonal the wheel is on, the vehicle is stable and can be made to move in any direction and turn by varying the speed and direction of rotation of each wheel. Moving all four wheels in the same direction causes forward or backward movement, running the wheels on one side in the opposite direction to those on the other side causes rotation of the vehicle, and running the wheels on one diagonal in the opposite direction to those on the other diagonal causes sideways movement. Combinations of these wheel motions allow for vehicle motion in any direction with any vehicle rotation (including no rotation at all).
Tracked vehicles and skid steer vehicles utilize similar methods for turning. However, these vehicles typically drag across the ground while turning and may do considerable damage to a soft or fragile surface.

The high friction against the ground while turning also requires high-torque engines to overcome the friction. By comparison, the design of the Mecanum wheel allows for in-place rotation with minimal ground friction and low torque.

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10 inch Mecanum Wheels 254mm Heavy Duty Industrial Mecanum Wheels with 8 PU roller Max Load 1300KG CBNM254A


100mm Mecanum wheels Load Capacity 30kg with Bearing


127mm Aluminium Mecanum Wheels 5 Inch Bearing Rollers


12inch Heavy Duty Mecanum Wheel 305mm Industrial Mecanum Wheels NM305A


152mm Aluminum Mecanum Wheels 6 inch Mecanum Wheels set basic CB14165


2.4 inch Mecanum Wheels 60mm Load Capacity 8kg


4 Inch Heavy Duty Mecanum Wheel 100mm Industrial Wheels


4 inch Mecanum wheels without Bearing Load Capacity 30kg


5 Inch Aluminium Mecanum Wheels 127mm Load Capacity 45kg/Set


5 Inch Heavyduty Mecanum Wheels 127mm Industrial Wheel


6 Inch 152mm Mecanum Wheels with Bearing Rollers for Robocup Robocon 4 Pcs/packet


60mm Mecanum Wheels 2.4 inch Load Capacity 10kg


A set of 10inch Mecanum Wheel 254mm Mecanum Wheel with PU roller(Load cacipity 500KG) CB14197


A set of 15inch Heavy Duty Industrial Mecanum Wheel 375mm Mecanum Wheel CBNM375A


A Set of 203MM Stainless Steel Mecanum Wheel 8inch Mecanum Wheel With bubber rollers CB14151


A set of 6inch Mecanum Wheel CMA-15 Omni Wheel


Casterbot 8inch Mecanum Wheels 203mm Heavy Duty Industrial Mecanum Wheel with 8 PU roller Max Load 800KG CB203A


Casterbot A Set of 100Kg Load Industrial Wheels 8 Inch Aluminum Mecanum Wheels online Wholesale


Casterbot A Set of 150 Kg Load Industrial 6 Inch Mecanum Wheels with 8 PU Roller Online Wholesale


CasterBot A set of 6 Inch Heavy Duty Mecanum Wheel 152mm Industrial Mecanum Wheel with PU roller(Load cacipity 300KG) CBNM152A


Casterbot A Set of More than 150 Kg Load Mecanum Wheels 8 Inch Mecanum Wheels online Wholesale CB14138


Casterbpt A Set of 6 inch Mecanum Wheels 152 mm Mecanum Wheels with Ball Bearing CB14156


Industrial Mecanum Wheels 5 Inch Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wheel


Mecanum Wheels 64mm for Raspberry Pi 4/3B+/Microbit